Lavarne Ross
Lavarne Ross is an internationally known artist. His prints are seen everywhere in the United States and abroad. Lavarne is a native of his beloved Flint, Michigan. Lavarne states, “I was born an artist”. This is a god-given talent that I feel really blessed to be part of, because I feel “Art” is “Me” it is “Us”. Lavarne does more with his artwork than appeal to the visual senses, he relays a message, tells a story, or reveals a part of history. Viewers of his compositions marvel at the fluid images of his most popular series, “Dancers” in which some are depicted as flowers, and translucent material that grace each canvas.

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This master storyteller depicts moments of life he has been exposed to with a paintbrush capturing their very essence. Following some advice given a long time ago, “paint what you know”, I strive to reflect my heritage and vision through my paintings. Today, the reflection of his other resources comes forth from the canvas where Ross depicts family life, ancestry, music and religion “just life itself”. Because I have lived through a transition of the people and a city from one time period to another, as an artist, I feel obligated to record these events and changes on canvas. “That” he says, is part of being an artist.

Lavarne Ross currently resides in Mount Morris, Michigan. Whenever the opportunity lends itself, Lavarne works with and encourages aspiring young artists to appreciate and pursue the gift God has given them.

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 Artist - Lavarne Ross

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Whether you are an art dealer looking for wholesale African American art, or an individual seeking to add to your personal collection of Ethnic or Afrocentric artwork - you will be pleased with the quality and selection of Black art available at LRoss.com!

Most famous for the Tribute art poster which features black african ballerina dancers in pastel; Lavarne's breadth of work is designed to captivate the art lover in all of us - regardless of age, race or culture.

Looking for Jazz or Music themed art? Check out The Look of Music 1, The Look of Music 2, or Juke Joint.

Seeking floral based art with a twist? Try Black Orchid, Ms. Iris, Ms. Rose or Bouquet.

For art with a deeper spiritual meaning consider; The 6th Day, While Adam Slept or Games of Life.

Relax... Take a moment to put on your favorite jazz album, cd or mp3 and enjoy the complete selection of Laverne Ross paintings...

Copyright 2017 All rights reserved, L Ross Studios

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